Tell us about your Bug-Ugly Adventures!

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So I’m hiking high in the Japanese Alps and take refuge from a storm in one of the Japanese mountain huts for lunch and to spend the night. While sitting with a group, we were suddenly mauled by gnats of some kind. I opened my bottle of Garden Blend Bug-Bouncer and put it on the table. Within seconds the gnats flew away! It was quite amazing, so much so that the other people with me asked where they could order the product. — Malcolm

We have mosquitos invading our house! They are so bad because people and dogs go in and out all day long. Today I began wearing Bug-Bouncer indoors, as a last resort. Wish I’d put it on sooner! I’m glad it’s natural AND it works! Husband spends mornings in the yard. He said he watched mosquitos come up to him and turn away. Yesterday he missed a spot and got one bite. Our neighborhood had 2 West Nile infected mosquitos. Now we can live toxic chemical-free. Thank you. –Joanne

THANK U, THANK U, THANK U, for finding a true “bug bouncer”! My daughter lives in Dallas & during a visit, we went to the Farmers’ Market & then to the Green Spot. As I was checking out, I noticed Bug-Bouncer right by the cash register. I read the label & said, “now, that is a product I am going to try”. Try I did and was elated that it actually worked! Congrats to you for such a wonderful product.  I currently live in up-state New York and the bugs are alive, healthy & kickin’. I knew I would be best benefited with my choice of Forest. Of course I was thrilled that Bug-Bouncer worked but was amazed that the ingredients were essential oils…, that’s it, essential oils ONLY! I ask you, could it be any better?!? Be well & know you have made a difference in our world!  — Donna

I bought some of this at garden center bc my little two year old gets bitten and has a little allergic reaction to the bites. I used while we were in Austin and she didn’t get bitten once. And I gave it to my step mom so she can have some while she watches my daughter and needed to get more! Thanks I am very happy with your products and tell everyone!  — Ashley

I’m always interested in an alternative to Deet!  I work in the country. Ranging from agricultural areas, to abandoned farms, to tobacco fields, to cut-over, to new growth woods, to planted pine forests 1-40 years old, to forests that have never been harvested (rare). Used your Park Blend today, in a forest and later in an agricultural field. Applied as directed (and maybe in excess). No chigger bites.  Does great on doing a great with the flying critters, mosquitoes and gnats, and other annoying species that seem to fly around other people that we can’t identify.  — Bruce

I love your product.  — Shelby

Have been putting Bug-Bouncer to the test, spent Saturday and Sunday in the field, as in walking through our grassy field, and still chigger free!  — Sandy

I recently used this when I was in St. Cloud, MN (in July — typically lots of mosquitoes in the summer), and I didn’t get a single mosquito bite. Thank you! — Dana

Bug-Bouncer is a miracle worker!  We’ve had it in the back yard and we’re loving it!  Thanks so much — I’m telling everyone I know.  🙂   — Casie

I was skeptical but I bought a bottle of Forest yesterday since I needed to work on order in my shop last night and I’m usually eaten alive, but not one bite.  –  Vendor at Southern Regional Master Gardener Show

I was writing you last year to swear that Bug-Bouncer was THE BEST!!!! Want you to know I still concur. Now that I used all three scents, I must say Park Blend is my favorite with Forest Blend second. I am now confident I can work all day cutting, sawing and chopping on our 5 acres without having one bite using the Forest and Park Blends. I use the product religiously every single day before I put my socks on. I cover my feet, ankles and 1/2 way up my leg. SUCCESS!!!! thanks for your EXCELLENT product.  — Vicki

I found you in a farmers market in Dallas lake highlands southern area. Great stuff. We have lots of bugs and it works if you use it whenever outside. No skin issues like deet.  — Shaun

I heard about your product when I received a free bottle from Dynamic Health in Idaho. I’ve since used it and love it. I’m an avid essential oils users, so this product works well with my needs.  — Effie

We tried it and it works!  Amazing!  — Amy

My husband got tester of Bug-Bouncer from you and we couldn’t believe how it’s worked…amazing!!!  Thank you for this amazing product, They will know about your product in the Czech Republic where we are from, because we will send  “FOREST” to the them…..because it’s really work!!! Thank you!  — Jana

I did try it and it was a miracle worker. Definitely a believer! I made the mistake of not using it one day, had bites that are still on me! Plus I’m still astonished about the smell.  — Weston

I got it at Oak Cliff Earth Day.  I’ve been telling all my friends about it.  I ran out because of soccer practices and loaning it out.  It works great against chiggers! At least 4 of my friends have bought product from you!   They love it too!  They love the smell too.  — Jenn

We are putting Bug-Bouncer to the test as we are in Yosemite with the kids for a little R&R before the start of school.  It is a champ – and aligned with park regulations of only natural products.  — Linda

I have been gardening for the past four days and had my best opportunity yet to try Bug-Bouncer. Jon has used the toxic bug stuff for years; he is a mosquito magnet, they love him. Yesterday I asked him to try Bug-Bouncer instead. It worked. He wasn’t bothered at all. Our backyard is very shady, lots of mosquitoes breed back there. We were both mosquito-free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. — Linda

I use Bug-Bouncer when I’m working in the yard or just having fun outside. As a massage therapist, I love that this product is made from essential oils and non-toxic ingredients. It smells nice and works great!! and because it’s packaged in a small container, I can carry it in my purse. I recommend Bug-Bouncer to all my friends and family. –Deborah

I went to a party and many of the guests had problems with mosquito’s. I use Bug-Bouncer whenever I go outside in the early evening and have not had one bite this summer. Its a wonderful product and lasts a long time to boot. I am also allergic to many chemicals including deet.  — Peter

I don’t go out much in the hot weather – in shorts that is – because, being fair, it seems I’ve always been a target for anything that bites. If it’s tolerably nice, or if I need to work outside, I have to cover up like it’s below 0. Sunday was so nice I wanted to go outside and play with the dog, fuss in the yard, and I applied Bug-Bouncer. The bugs didn’t even light on me. And I was in shorts and no sleeves, bare head, etc. etc. And Bug Bouncer doesn’t have that plastic coated feeling like other insect repellents. Thanks.  — David

I wear Bug-Bouncer everyday. I live in a very wooded are and have all kinds of insects that usually bite me.  I have not had one bite this summer, even lying by my pool. It has made my time pleasant again outdoors. It is so easy to do, I just rub a drop or two on different parts.. on my ankles, my arm, my chest, and sometimes a little in my hair. It smells wonderful. It is made from healing all natural high quality aromatherpay oils and I have tried all the blends. I like them all. I am very strict about what I put on my body, and I use only the best products.  — Elaine