Does Bug-Bouncer® really work?

Yes.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with Bug-Bouncer® send your bottle back to us, along with your receipt, and we refund your purchase price.  For more information, contact us here.

How does bug-Bouncer® work?

Bugs respond to Bug-Bouncer®, the way people respond to pepper spray – they just want to get away from it!  Ironically, humans tend to like the smell.  We actually saw a PBS special on plants that explained it!  When plants get broken they are at their most vulnerable to pests and disease.  The essential oils released at the break (what we like to call “that goop”) keeps bugs away allowing the plants to  heal.  Due to evolution (it was a PBS show), bugs have learned, that if they get trapped in the plant’s essential oils, they will probably die.  By the way, bugs don’t smell the scent, they are reacting to the plant, which is why only plant-based essential oils will work.  Synthetic or fragrance oils, often used in candles or cheaper products, may smell the same to us, but the bugs can tell the difference!

Why doesn’t Bug-Bouncer® come in a spray bottle?

We have found that the essential oils used in Bug-Bouncer™ can clog plastic spray bottles, which also tend to degrade over time, especially in the heat.  Spray bottles are also more prone to leakage, especially with changes in air pressure and/or temperature.  In addition, we noticed that people use more than necessary when spraying it on.  Our ½-oz amber glass bottle is inert, and the Euro-dropper cap controls output.  This system is less likely to leak or clog, so it lasts much longer than sprays – under normal use, a bottle can last up to a year!  Bug-Bouncer® bottles also conform to TSA requirements for air travel and carry-on liquids.

How do I apply Bug-Bouncer®?

Shake well before smelling or applying.  Like salad dressing, the essential oils in Bug-Bouncer® will settle out.  After shaking, unscrew the cap and shake several drops into your palm.  Rub your hands together and spread over exposed skin.  Apply extra on trouble spots.  May also be safely applied to hair and on most clothes, hats, socks, linens, etc.

Remember, Bug-Bouncer® is for external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth or any mucus membrane.   Do not apply to the hands of children under 3 years of age.  We suggest washing/wiping your fingertips/hands after applying to avoid accidentally ingesting and/or touching your eyes 

How often should I reapply?

The effectiveness of any insect repellent is determined by the quality and concentration of active ingredients, and the conditions when used (heat, humidity, wind, activity-level, etc.).  Bug-Bouncer® is water-soluble so in very hot and humid weather, more frequent re-applications is often required.  We say, when the bugs start bugging you again, it’s time to reapply.  Honestly the biggest problem with the products is that when they work, you forget about them….and the most common cause of failure is forgetting to use it and/or reapply!

How long will a bottle last?

For most people a bottle will last for about one year/one season, under normal use (walking your dog daily, sitting out in the backyard, the occasional outdoor project or adventure, etc.).  We do know people who have used up a bottle in 1-2 months because they are outdoors all day in extreme conditions (like park rangers and volunteers working to clean up flooded areas). To be honest, we often hear that people “loose” their bottle after sharing it with friends before using it up!

In terms of longevity, a bottle will be “good” for 3-5 years depending on how/where it’s stored.  The essential oils will loose potency over time, especially under high heat conditions.  That means that you may need to use more of an older bottle.

Can I use Bug-Bouncer® on my pets?

You need to ask your vet.  Nothing in Bug-Bouncer® is inherently bad for animals, but Bug-Bouncer® is for external use only.  Since many pets have a tendency to lick themselves, the question is how much is too much? , however, you can spray or sprinkle Bug-Bouncer™ on their bedding to repel fleas, ticks and other Bug-Uglies!

I have very sensitive skin, how can I safely test Bug-Bouncer®?

If anyone has known allergies to the listed ingredients, do not use.  A simple skin patch test may be performed by diluting Bug-Bouncer® (one drop to ten drops of water) and rubbing a drop of this solution on the inner arm or elbow.  Wait 20-30 minutes.  If the skins turns red, feels itchy or becomes irritated, discontinue use.  If any doubt, consult your dermatologist.

Will Bug-Bouncer® repel no-see-ums?

Yes.  We have personal experience with family in Florida!    


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