mosquito signDo bugs like to have you for lunch?!  I’m sure I’m the favorite snack food for mosquitoes, fleas and chiggers.  Many of my family and friends tell me that they too struggle to keep the bugs at bay.  Bug-Bouncer® was created in response to popular demand because we have all faced Bug-Uglies™ and the Wee-Beasties™ they rode in with!

Growing up in Houston, TX in the ‘50’s, we chased the “fog man” – by foot or on bicycles.  Later, we all began to understand how much damage was caused by this “toxic invasion,” resulting in  stricter regulation and eventually outright bans of those chemicals.

In recent decades, there has been a growing “organic consciousness” leading people to choose cleaner, less toxic alternatives.  We learned to control roaches with boric acid, and kept fire ants at bay with used coffee grounds, cayenne pepper and dish soap (or a liberal dose of garlic powder).  Each new bug challenge brought home lessons in the least toxic resistance techniques, which fit naturally with choices like cleaning the air with ionizers, filtering water, and growing our own fresh organic vegetables.

While living in both Texas and Mexico, I was often confronted by the Bug-Uglies.  To avoid reinventing the wheel, I did some research and soon discovered that bug problems and natural solutions are as old as mankind and present all over the world.   While I knew that essential oils have been used for centuries for medicine, aromatherapy and culinary purposes, I learned that certain essential oils also repel a large variety of bugs.

SGS experimentMy original formula included lavender (France), citronella (Pan-Asia) and rosemary (Mediterranean).  Lemon Eucalyptus (Australia) was soon added and more recently geranium (South Africa) and neem (India).  Witch Hazel (N. America) was included to soothe itch and inflammation if any Bug-Uglies™ got through (after all, no system is perfect). I have discovered that this combination provides the best protection against the largest variety of pests.

Bug-Bouncer® safely repels over 100 types of insectsWe have field tested Bug-Bouncer® formulas in all types of climates – on beaches, in jungles, deserts, mountains, rain forests, and our own backyards.  All blends are very effective against mosquitoes. When our kids were exposed to things like head lice, scabies or flea invasions, we used Bug-Bouncer® to provide layer of personal protection, in the classroom, at day care or even the doctors’ office. Since Bug-Bouncer™ is water-soluble, we developed the “habitual-ritual” to remember to frequently reapply after swimming or when perspiring on hot days.B-B Bottles

Each blend has been designed with a pleasing scent that is effective, but not overwhelming.  Our standard blends are a 33% concentration of essential oils, available in two scents, PARK (lavender/geranium-based) and GARDEN (citronella-based), allowing each person to choose what they like best.  Our FOREST blend provides extra-strength protection with a higher concentration (50%) of essential oils.  The witch hazel base relieves the itching and irritation from bites, if any Bug-Uglies™ do get through!

The convenient, portable, ½-oz size, is practical for pocket or purse, and meets TSA carry-on requirements.  Since the euro-dropper bottle releases only a few drops at a time, a bottle of Bug-Bouncer® can last up to a year with normal use, and unlike aerosol sprays, the chance of leakage is minimal.

In short, Bug-Bouncer® is effective, low risk and chemical free, but…

…no matter how nice it smells to humans, Bug-Bouncer® “tastes bad to bugs.”

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